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A Fond Farewell

By Satya Kaur Khalsa (Ram Das Puri)

After 26 years in Espanola, and 18 years at Guru Ram Das Puri, I am being invited to a new place, new experience, new adventures, infusion of Khalsa into a new town. Although I have not participated actively in community life for some time, there have been many connections and shared moments, spanning decades and continents and generations.

I am hoping to see and hug everyone, and the preparations for the move are enormous in all dimensions. So if I do not get to say goodbye before I head off to Maine, know that each of you is in my heart.

After 37 years of summer solstice (I only missed one, when we summered in India), I am ready for winter solstice now. And I will never really leave Guru Ram Das Puri . My new little home has a room for guests, and I hope to see some of you. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib will be there, and there are sangat members nearby.

With love, with blessings, with prayers
Satya Kaur

My phone number and email address will remain the same, so please be in touch:

[email protected]
My new address:
138 Egypt Lane
Franklin, ME 04634