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February Numerology Forecast

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of February 2024 is the beginning of an intensified wave of energy on planet Earth that will push people’s boundaries to the limit. The sentiment of, "Hey, that’s enough, I’m not taking it anymore!" will rise like a battle cry throughout the land. In our personal lives this requires us to choose our battles wisely, and not enter into a conflict that is a useless spin cycle of anger and vengeance.

The number 2 of February represents the themes of duality, the tiny details, relationships, the negative mind, emotional support, and spiritual alliance. This is not a going it alone time on the planet; you need to connect with like-minded people for emotional support. This will allow for a dialogue to take place that will help you to decompress and process the unfolding events occurring on a global level. We’re in a rock n’ roll time on the planet, and we need to adjust our personal rhythm so we’re not thrown off balance.

Living in fear does not help anything, so developing an enhanced skill set and support team will allow you to move gracefully through the times. The overall number for 2024 is an 8, and number 8 is our breath and Pranic Body. Through exercise and pranayam we can strengthen the Pranic Body, which will give us the ability to rise above fear and anxiety. The ongoing onslaught of negative news has created a high level of stress in the collective psyche, and it is difficult not to be affected by this.

By creating an evening routine for yourself, you can be cleansed from the energies of the day. Start with washing your hands and face with warm water, and then massage your face with almond oil that has a few drops of eucalyptus oil in it. Let your fingers work into the temples, forehead, cheeks, nose, and especially above the eyes. Also, there are a lot of meridian points in the ear lobes, so that is another good spot to work on. Then, make yourself a cup of lavender or chamomile tea, and listen to a gentle track of environmental nature music. Yes, there is an abundance of healing sounds of nature that include a mountain stream with birds chipping, a gentle rainfall, waves on the ocean shore, or wind through the pine trees. All of this and more, is on YouTube. It’s free, and we like free.

Coming back to center, coming back to balance, is an essential skill this year. Number 2 has to do with self-sensitivity and our ability to pick up on the subtle signals of potential danger. It is often experienced as an inkling, a gentle message that may speak to you in the form of your mind or physical body sensing, "Wait, hold on, sit tight for the moment." This was the literal experience of a grade school boy who was in the midst of the school shooting in Perry, Iowa last month. In a news interview the young boy said, "I was in the bathroom stall, and I saw him through the crack, rummaging in his backpack. My body, my intuition said, Don’t go out there." Phew, well, it doesn’t get anymore right-on than that.

We have what will be a signature event in the history of the United States unfolding at the United States/Mexico border in Texas. As I am writing this, there is a convoy of over 700 trucks headed to the border as a protest to the present immigration policy. It is being emphasized that this will be a peaceful protest, however, I can bet you almost anything that things will get out of hand at some point. There is just too much testosterone brewing for there not to be a flash-point event that sets things off.

It would have been best to have a more balanced and measured approach to the influx of asylum seekers, as the situation in many states is creating stress for both the migrants and the neighborhoods they are trying to integrate into. The result of this is that people often just end up hating each other, and it further propels an “us against them” dynamic of divisiveness. My point in all this is that you may not be able to fix the border crisis, but you can control your own life better.

Number one, do not take on stress or a responsibility this year that you cannot manage gracefully. For example, let’s say a friend has a family emergency, and asks you to take care of their Siberian Husky for a week while they’re out of town. You somewhat tepidly reply, "Okay, sure, just for a week." Then, ten days later they leave a message on your voicemail saying they will be gone for another week. As you gaze around your apartment and notice the new pair of chewed up shoes on the floor, along with your cat hiding and cowering under the bed, you know you’re going to have to draw the line.

The mighty message is, be careful of what you commit to this year. Be mindful of what is reasonably within your scope and means, and what is not. Number 8 is energy, so know how much energy your reserve tank has, and where you would be putting yourself into a deficit.

The number 2 of February calls us to become very clear on our boundaries, whether they be physical, emotional, or financial. It is said, "Good fences make good neighbors," and I think there is a fair amount of truth in this.

An excellent film I saw recently on Netflix is, Leave the World Behind. Having a stellar cast, it unflinchingly explores the character’s behavior under increasingly ominous circumstances. It delves into issues of boundaries, trust, and the evolving need for cooperation in order to survive. An intriguing note on this is that the producers actually consulted with the Obamas on issues of national security and policy. You may find a few beneficial takeaways in regard to having a basic level of self-sufficiency for your immediate circle. Be together, work together, and it will all come together.

Okay, so how are we going to have the cracker-jack brain chemistry and nervous system to deal with 2024?

The Gyan Mudra Kriya balances the brain hemispheres and gives you powerful insight. It is said to help if you do not know what to do next. Link:

I personally believe that a certain level of faith is needed to navigate these times. Whatever your religion, or not, having a relationship with a higher power can help to release stress and anxiety. Creating a simple altar on a chest of drawers, bookshelf, or a dedicated space will give you a point of reference to elevate yourself. As you pass by your altar during the day you can even say out loud, "Hey, you and me, back me up now!" Be kind to yourself, as your self-esteem is an important part of creating a safe-space for your life to flourish.

Yes, flourish, regardless of the external mayhem. You keeping it together is a beacon of light and hope to those around you. Share the tools and techniques you use to keep yourself afloat, as it could be the saving grace that keeps someone else from losing it.

May the good will of the Universal forces cast a light of clarity, security, and protection on the path before you, and may you receive the gift you need to sustain your graceful existence.

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