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Contracting COVID

By Gobind Singh

Dear Sangat,
I have recently had COVID (most likely the Omnicron variant). You may be interested in hearing about what I experienced and learned.

I am a yogi, my body is 50 years old and generally in good health. I had two Pfizer vaccine shots (and unfortunately had not received the booster). The media suggested that the Omnicron may be “milder” than the Delta variant. That was not my experience.

The first forty-eight hours were very dangerous for me. The two biggest challenges were the sheer volume of the viral load made it very difficult to breathe and the attack on my nervous system was significant causing extreme fatigue, massive shakes, and loss of consciousness. Although others are experiencing mild symptoms, I thought you may want to know from a “low risk” category yogi.

I received the monoclonal antibody which I felt did have a significantly positive impact on my health and perhaps my life. It did have a temporary side effect with significant breathing challenges that were overcome with 2 liters of oxygen for a few hours at the Emergency Room.

A few additional things I would like to share. When I was at my worst and couldn’t get the energy flowing for breathing, brief rudimentary sitali pranayama helped significantly. In addition, Guru’s bani and the first part of Ardas were of invaluable help especially with the very bad shivers. Lastly, once I was improving, I was able to put greater emphasis into diet and supplements to fight the virus and I started doing front platform with breath of fire for strengthening my nervous system.

If you have any questions, please email me because I am still reserving prana for healing. I am eight days in and much improved, however the fever, fatigue and shivers are still real present.

Best of love and health to all.

Sat Naam,

Gobind Singh
[email protected]

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