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All We Need is Love, Love; Love is All We Need

God is love. That’s a universal truth we humans have finally got right. Love is at the core of everything, and it’s about time that humanity acknowledges it. God's love is boundless, so much so that it appreciates a touch of diversity in various forms. Love adds to His, God’s delight. We, the people of Earth, are part of that divine plan, that joy. But, like everything in life, there's a cost to gain this experience.. Allow me to explain.

In the grand scheme of creation, God always seeks a balance, a counterpart. Just as there's no left without right, no up without down, there's no love without its contrasting force, fear (fear not just hate). As we begin to recognize this polarity, we begin to understand the true nature of God's creation. It can be a bit perplexing to grasp at first, so let’s delve into a little simpler and deeper understanding.

Fear serves as a stark reminder of love. Fear contains ALL insecurities like hate, jealousy, anger, frustration, you name it. These insecurities are a result of a misunderstood and insecure Identity. In other words, with God on your side, what is there to fear? Nothing, that’s what! 

This is why it is said that opposites attract. Indeed, love and fear are close cousins, two sides of the same coin. The energy that polarities create maintains and sustains God’s creation. Without this energy, there is no soap opera, no worldly existence. God needs opposites to provide the energy for His creation and the neutrality to escape it’s grasp. This is His’s creation in perfect harmony. 

This leads to a question: Why is fear necessary for the manifestation of God’s creation? After all, God  can do anything and everything, whatever He wants. The answer lies in the creation of the necessary energy to generate neutrality and to produce the energy to escape it’s ill effect consequences which may come with this paradox. God's ways are veiled within His creation. A realm of equilibrium, is where we discover the answers, where the understanding of a less vailed reality comes into view.

The existence and experience of fear isn't our choice - it’s God's. It fuels the cosmos, ensuring stability and continuity, as well as offering a way out of this complexity. God does what He wants, not necessarily what we want. Our judgment is not his agenda. If you want to comprehend, anticipate, and experience His will just relinquish judgment.

Non-judgmental living emanates from neutrality and becomes the fertile ground for intuition as it takes the student out to the equation. Intuition induces comprehension, and God’s blessings. Non-judgment, tolerance, patience, forgiveness, understanding, and love are the virtues that thrive in this space of balance, truth. These virtuous thoughts and actions are cherished in our Guru’s will. Living these virtues IS a wonderful way back home, home to pure love. 

However, when ascending into this plane of neutrality, it's only through God's guidance and invitation that we can succeed. The selection process is His prerogative, not ours. All we can do is follow His will. 

In addition, before God steps in, each student must demonstrate their choice to embrace virtuous living. God is a 'show-me' God. He demands evidence of obedience to His will and He doesn't accept excuses, deception, judgement, or rationales. Mother Nature can’t be fooled, even though we all try. Cut it out and you’ll be trending toward Totality. 

In Sikhism, we have our Guru. The Guru has the power to guide us on this path as God's observed representative as God’s intervention can be elusive and exclusive. The Guru provides the worldly example as well as the strength to love and serve God according to His way. It's a remarkable path for those inclined towards it.

Becoming virtuous with the Guru's guidance is an invaluable gift. It's launches a cascade of blessings that perpetually unfolds - the more you become virtuous, the more you receive.It’s God’s boon. Giving becomes the ultimate pleasure. It's God's way, God's will, the path of equilibrium, neutrality, balance, prosperity, and deliverance. 

In other words, the more obedient we are in serving the truth, the deeper our understanding and experience of ALL, everything, becomes. Obedience to the truth is God's path, God's will. There are many hurdles on this journey, as I mentioned before. Therefore, it’s not for everyone, at least not yet.

Many truths are obscured and/or dismissed as being otherworldly, para-normal, or out of touch. Yet, these virtuous truths are easily found in neutrality. This is called the realm of karma where most become victims of circumstances. 

Like a magnet which simultaneously attracts and repels iron at the same time creating energy the truth lies in how this energy is used. Being neutral doesn’t mean that agreement with all is the purpose, not at all. The purpose is to use this energy in service to God.  It's a path that often leads to compassion. God's path starts and ends with compassion. 

Both love and fear are essential for God's awe-inspiring creation. It might be hard to associate God with such a notion, but please remember, it's compassion which reunites us with God's love and allows us to wholeheartedly enjoy His creation instead of merely being players in this seemingly never-ending drama called karmic lifetimes.

Compassion is God's way of communicating with His creation. God's representative, Guru Ram Das, personifies compassion. Compassion is God's way of expressing His worldly love. It's a mantra, a thought, a word, and an action of perpetual compassion that Guru Ji embodies.

Viewed through the lens of compassion, reality becomes divine. There's always enough fear in the world to maintain balance. While retribution may be the norm in most cases, it sorts itself out as love replaces vengeance hate, jealousy, and anger.with love. The aspirant becomes more and more consciousness. Spiritual individuals consistently extend a helping hand to the less fortunate as a way of demonstrating compassion. Compassion is worldly love and is the key to understanding God's creation.

As a student progresses along this path, his ego begins to recede and transforms into a deeper experience of love. The identity of the relationship between God and compassion merges into one. God and compassion, compassion and God, are inseparable. This awareness, this identity empowers the student to exist in both worlds. From a compassionate standpoint, the journey to unite with God begins.

Pure love is rekindled, and order is restored out of a chaotic existence. Love isn't confined to the heavens; it's the experience of bearing the burden of others without feeling the pain - for long. Life transforms into a continuous prayer of love, devotion, and compassion. This is when life truly becomes worth living. Stay tuned,

In Perfect Harmony,

Your Partner and Friend in this Fantastic Journey

Hari Jiwan