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The Three Day Garlic Fast

Eat at least three cloves of raw garlic for breakfast, again for lunch, and again for dinner for three days. Drink plenty of water, rest when needed (this is a good diet for a three-day weekend when the weather is warm, you don’t have too much to do, and when your garlicky self won’t be breathing directly on your fellow workers). Exercise lightly and drink plain Yogi Tea without milk or sweeteners. Use a gentle bowel stimulant tea to keep things moving through your body.

Break the fast with fruit for breakfast the fourth morning, steamed green veggies for lunch, and well-cooked mung beans and rice for dinner. Meditate every day and be aware of what your mind thinks about during this fast, and contemplate your eating habits. Try keeping a journal about what you are learning as you begin practicing eating healthier during and after the three days it takes to complete this fast and the days following.

If you can find Breath Assure you might want to take this parsley oil supplement to help counter the garlic smell. Don’t be surprised if your sweat, tongue, armpits, skin, and breath smell of garlic; this is natural and the garlic is actually pushing toxins out through all of your eliminating systems. You will feel cleaned out and detoxified from this powerful fast. I believe this was the earliest diet Yogi Bhajan encouraged his students to do. He said it separated the yogis from the phonies! Don’t give this diet to anyone else until you have done it yourself at least once. If you have eaten poorly most of your life, or been a heavy recreational drug or alcohol user, proceed with caution.

Yogi Bhajan said, “Keep up and you will be kept up!” Try these recipes and learn to feed yourself the foods that will literally give you the super-charged yogic vitality to Keep Up no matter what, and to live the 3HO, Healthy, Happy, Holy life of a Kundalini Yogi!

Recipe from 3HO website.