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A Delicious Detoxifying Juice

Want a delicious juice to detox your body and give you energy throughout your day?  Try this yummy recipe, originally prescribed by Yogi Bhajan for detoxification.


1 Grapefruit

1 Apple

1 Carrot


Juice and drink.  It’s that simple!

The grapefruit is a diuretic which helps the body eliminate toxins.  It’s also chock full of vitamin C, packed with tumor-fighting liminoids, and has been shown to help reduce kidney stones, repair DNA and protect against colon cancer.

The apple helps you regulate your blood sugar, boosts the health of your digestive track (which in turn helps you move those toxins out of your system), and helps to detoxify your liver (which takes a beating from drugs, alcohol and fatty foods.)

The carrot gives you Vitamin A, beta carotene, potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, fiber and lots of other yumminess.

It’s one delicious, easy, detoxifying glass!

Recipe taken from Spirit Voyage Blog