Corps of Volunteers

The functions, activities, and seva performed for the community are done by groups known as the Corps of Volunteers (COV).  These special groups utilize their interests and talents for the benefit of the entire community.  Participation in a COV group can be once a year or once per week, depending on your level of interest and the time you have available to give.  If you would like to start a new COV group, contact the Managing Secretary at 505-753-6341.

 COV Groups  Coordinator(s)
Sadhana Kartar Kaur
Security - Sant Sipahi Abhai Raj Singh
Property Management Mukhia Jethadar Amrit Singh
Bhai Kanaya-First Help Jiwan Joti Kaur
Community Garden Matamandir Singh
Thursday Langar Matamandir Singh
Finance Committee Varnjeet Kaur
HGRD Website & Newsletter Guru Meher Kaur Jr. & Kirpal Kaur
SEVA Hari Singh
Hearts and Hands Sat Sangeet Kaur
Emergency Preparedness Methab Singh
Yoga Varnjeet Kaur
Ministers Sarb Nam Kaur
Trio School Japa Kaur
Gurdwara COVs   
Ishnaan Seva Prabhu Singh
Flowers Tera Kaur
Prasad Balwant Singh
Chief Granthi Hari Dharam Kaur
Gurdwara Secretary Balwant Singh
Sound System Harimander Singh
Kirtan Kirpal Singh
Banking Nirbhe Kaur