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I have always appreciated what I learned from YogiJi through 3HO. I might even say I feel his fatherly guidance more strongly now that he has passed on then when he was with us on the earthly plane. Although I have not kept in touch since I "freaked out" in 1974, your new website inspired me to write this brief hello. Particularly Shanti Kaur Khalsa's history and the picture of the old sadhana room with Hari and Hargobind up front. Truly some of the happiest and healthiest days of my life, and best people. Yogi Bhajan had given me the Sikh name Adi Singh. Sat Nam.

~ Robert Schindehette

I just wanted you to know that I just opened the ashram newsletter, and enjoyed it very much! So much great news and info, and bringing the ashram and 3HO and Sikh Dharma together to really represent our lifestyle to the world and to each other. It shows all the diverse aspects of life at HGRD. Loved it!

~Guru Tera K. Khalsa, Web Editor, 3HO International/Aquarian Timescf

Thanks Gurumeher, such a wonderful seva...even though I live on the other side of the world, I feel I am still connected in some ways to the Espanola sangat.
~Harsukh Kaur from Australia

Just wanted to tell you what an incredible job you do with the monthly newsletter. It really shows how great our ashram is. Thanks for all you do.
~ Guru Simran Kaur

This site is great. So much effort goes into making and maintaining a website such as this and that effort is greatly appreciated. Even if we've been here a hundred times before, it's never too late to show our gratitude. Thanks.
~ Hari Singh Khalsa

Wow!  What a great and wonderful newsletter!  Just full of very interesting information, great pictures, and news. I enjoyed every article!
~ Shanti K Khalsa

Really a great job done by Yogi Ji in service of mankind and Guru Ram Dass Ji. If it ever happened I will surely like to visit the place. May Guru Ram Dass Ji bless you all keep you all in Chardi Kala.
~ Jasbir Singh, Amritsar, India

My comments are just, wow, amazing, mind blowing! Today I was listening to live kirtan from your live radio link from Hacienda de Guru Ram Das. I was in tears. I was born in Sikhi but never really knew Sikhi. Thanks to you, I am learning about my own great religion. Thanks for doing such a great job.
~ Preet, BC, Canada

This is a site which carries a lot of emotional attachment. It traces the genesis of some of the first Americans who took up Sikhism as a way of life and their continuous growth. The American Sikh community is a manifestation of the relevance of the Sikh religion and the role of Sikhism in modern life. Of course, much of the credit goes to Siri Singh Sahib Ji. May GOD BLESS ALL.
~ Ujjal

Sat Nam! This site is absolutely beautiful and helpful. I love the lion on the top!
~ Heather Glogowski

Sat Nam. The website is wonderful. I love being able to share this resource with people from out-of-town. Also, thank you so much for the presentation on Snatam's Concert.
~ Blessings, Hari Charn Kaur

Your Website is great. I love being close to you even if I live for away.  It would be great if you could make up some kind of phone book.  I was looking for the e-mail or phone number for Hari Dharam Kaur who I have met in Chile 2006. Thank you for your support. Blessings
~ Ardass Singh

The website reflects the clarity in you and your organization along with reflections of your love for Guru and its sangat. It is refreshing to see Guru's Sikhs are organized in sharing the duties with commitment towards running of their Gurudwara. You already have Guru's presence amongst your sangat. May Guru bless you with his grace to continue serving the panth. Keep up the Chardhi Kala efforts towards progress. FATEH!
~ Kulwant Singh

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh. I like your web site. It is very knowledgeable, interesting, and loveable, so that's why it is popular and I liked it very much. Thank you.
~ Jainder Pal Singh, Delhi, India

I do not know where to start from, but I am very much impressed sangat's love for the Guru and their teachings. I was very much moved by the Westerner Sikh. I was mainly inspired by the Western Sikhs. Although, i come from a Sikh family but we never really practiced (for the lack of word) Sikhi. We were Sikh more from the culture and I think most people from Punjab or at least the ones I know. They are not Sikh from their heart.

I live in Sacramento, CA. We have five Gurudawara Sahib Jis' here. I have been in the States for 16 years now. I was 14 when I came. I guess there was no one the guide me or my family was not very attached to the Guru. I would say my mom is very attached to the Guru but she being illiterate, lacks the knowledge. My dad only believed in hard work and that's all he really believes in. He is a good person who helps the poor. Back home if a poor family cannot afford the wed their daughter, he would make arrangements for them and other things like that. So, our family works hard and helps other people but we are not close to the Wahe Guru. I do not go to Gurudawara Sahib Ji here. They are always fighting here to control the Gurudwara Sahib. I just think they are just after money. I don't see anything good coming out of the Gurudwaras here. I don't see any Gurudwaras helping other people. I don't know what happens to the money that is donated to the Gurudwaras. So these things kept me away from the Gurudwaras.

But after seeing this site from Sikhnet link, I was very moved. I daily listen to your radio and you play very beautifully music. I think I just need guidance. I am very interested in Yoga also. I would like to learn and maybe even teach here locally in the Gurudwaras. I consider Western Sikhs very honest, polite, knowledgeable, smart and most of all they are doing Guru Ji's Sevva from the heart. I think i might be intersted in visiting the Ashram. Thank you for your heard and good work. Wahe Guru Ji ka khalsa WaheGuru Ji ke fateh.
~Kulvir Singh

This is a beautiful website and resource for both those interested in learning about the Espanola community and those of us who live here. Very inspiring - thank you!
~ Adarsh Kaur

Sat Nam Dear Ones,
     I am in awe of this beautiful site!  What a labor of love.  Thank you all who made this a reality on this screen for all to view and benefit from.
     This site reflects beautifully all the sacrifices so many people have made for so many years.  It gives a cyber face to a community which has endured and prospered because people of devotion, dedication and service never gave up.  I am so proud to be a part of this spritual community which stands for always keeping up, living your commitment and valuing the power of the Sadh Sangat, the community of the discipled ones.
     May our community continue to vibrate the One in all and share with all.
~ Sat Bachan Kaur

This looks fantastic! A valuable resource! Great job!  
~ Gian Kaur

What a pleasant surprise! I am so happy to see an organized area where people can find out about our community. [When I worked in 3HO Customer Service a couple years ago], just about everyone I spoke to was interested in knowing more about and visiting our community. Because of this we worked hard to find ways to serve those that wanted to visit (and were hoping to find/create more housing options)...  It is re-assuring to know that we all care about our local and global communities and want to serve them to the best of our ability. I believe that this website is deffinately a step in the right direction.  Thank you!
~ Nirinjan Kaur

I really loved and enjoyed reading how the place was choosen and Gurudwara built. I pray that the sangat in Espanola be always in CHARDHIKALA with guru's grace.
~ Tejinder Pal Singh

This is FANTASTIC.  While I don't live in Espanola, I really appreciate being able to see what's happening.  It makes me feel part of the family. Living where there are very few sangat, I really appreciate the opportunity to feel connected.
~ Dr. Krishna Kaur Khalsa, Placerville, CA

The site is fabulous!  Thanks so much for all your great and dedicated work!
~ Siri Gian Kaur

Wahe Guru!
     Its beautiful! You did wonderful work on the website. Thank you for creating such a powerful picture of the Ashram! I feel what you created will be seen by millions of people and you have  helped illuminate many people as they come to us in search for something that will feed their soul.
~ Siri Chand Singh

Sat Nam and thank you for such a beautiful job.  It is so wonderful to have this addition to our community.
~ Pritpal Kaur

This is really great!  Good job and very thorough!  I taught in Denver in January and one of the students wanted to come to Espanola and spend time at the Ashram.  Without this website, it was a bit overwhelming for me to figure out how to convey to him what it would be like, how to go about it, etc.  Now (soon) I can simply direct people to the website.  Nice!  It's apparant that you all put a lot of thought into it.  Helpful for me to have the seva schedule on line (so I can keep my 'set up' dates straight).  Again, great job!
~ Dev Suroop Kaur