Hearts and Hands

Healing Sessions at the Gurdwara on Sundays

Hearts & Hands is a Corps of Volunteers dedicated to serving members of the community (our Sangat and beyond) who face various challenges.  We are coordinating a series of healing sessions to be offered by Sangat healers by donation on the first Sunday of every month in the Gurdwara.   In response to specific needs, some healers may offer their sessions at their own office (e.g. if a massage table is required). Donations for this month will be given to support the work of Hearts & Hands.
(See below the participating healers for this month)

P.S. All healers who would like to participate can contact Sat Kartar Kaur at 747-7056 or [email protected]

Suggested donation $20

Participating healers at the Gurdwara:
Sat Nam Rasayan: Methab Singh &  Siri Chand Singh

Alternative holistic Healing: Harbhajan Singh - www.khalsahealth.com

Reflexology – Shiatsu: Sat Kartar Kaur

Food and Supplement Testing with Kinesionics Muscle Testing
Guru Darshan Kaur, will test your compatibility with the foods and supplements that you bring to the session.  Appointments will be about 20 minutes.  Please bring the foods or supplements that you wish tested.  Call 852-3939 for more information. www.ecobotanica.com
Participating healers at their offices:
Soul Answer: Siri Gian Kaur - www.SoulAnswer.com 
20 minutes phone sessions for $20 – Please call 753-8194 for an appointment

TrueSelf Transformation: Dr Sat Siri Kaur - www.drsatsiri.com
Offer one treatment on donation – Please call 753-5640 for an appointment

Divine touch/Healing Ardas: Guru Prem Kaur - www.yogagems.com
I am nearby, a short walk down the dirt path from Akal. The open entrance in my fence is opposite last year's Ashram garden. My home has a double glass door and is on the back side of 31 Shady Lane, where there is no access because of a locked gate.

Reiki Healing touch: Krishna Singh -  Please call: 1 541-337-8595 for an appointment