Siri Akhand Path

The Siri Akhand Path (aka Akhand Path) begins every Wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. at Siri Singhasan e Khalsa (unless another location is announced) and concludes each Saturday morning at 6:00 a.m. with the Bhog ceremony. The Bhog is truly a cozy time to uplift the spirit and then relax with friends and family afterwards.

What is an Akhand Path?
An Akhand Path is the unbroken reading of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib to be finished within 48 hours. In Espanola we have extended the time to 72 hours to accommodate both English and Gurmukhi readers. Our Akhand Path here in Espanola serves to protect Khalsa everywhere. Unbroken means that when you begin reading your time slot, you cannot leave or stop reading until someone replaces you. If you need to be relieved, ring the bell next to you and wait until someone replaces you. Always continue reading until the next reader has begun reading where you left off.

How to Sign Up to Read in the Akhand Path
A reading schedule for the Akhand Path is posted in the Gurdwara, where you may sign up a week or more in advance. Har Nal Kaur is now the new Akhand Path scheduler and sevadar. She can be reached at 505-850-2008 and can assist you in signing up for a reading spot each week or you can sign up for a permanent spot which will be reserved for you every week.

New Translation of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Dr. Sant Singh Khalsa's translation of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji that has been published in a five-volume set by Sikhnet will now be used for our Akhand Path.  It will be a different experience for readers and listeners in a few ways:

NEW! There is a laminated sheet to the left of the reader and Manji indicating where we should be in the Akhand Path.

The page numbers at the top of the pages are the Gurmukhi numbers from the "Bir," the word we use for the bound copy of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

The page numbers at the bottom are the numbers in the five volume set. These are the numbers that we have in the laminated sheets indicating where we should be in the Akhand Path. Now we will aim to read 52 pages in every slot of the Akhand Path (versus 66 pages in the Manmohan translation).

The five volumes have 3714 pages which is about 1000 pages less than the Manmohan set. Now we read more on one page. It is 5 volumes instead of 4 so the volume changes will happen 4 times instead of 3 and will occur at different times of the day.The positioning of the volumes on the Manji Sahib will be "portrait" style - the spines will not be visible as with the 4 volume set.  This is done so that they all fit on the Manji Sahib.The language is more American/modern style rather that the old English  style used in the Manmohan Singh version.

The page numbers are different so please check the sign-up sheet for the section that you are reading so you can help keep the Akhand Path on time. This is especially needed if you are used to reading at the same time each week. Please speak with Har Nal Kaur or Sat Bachan Kaur if you have any questions or concerns.

What To Do If You Notice a Typo in the New 5 Volume Set:
If you happen to see a typographical error when you are reading, we humbly request that you do not write in the volume. Gurujot Singh has been noting all the corrections and updating the master.  The corrections will be made in every new printing as each new order is printed on demand from the latest updated digital copy. 

As long as you are not reading in the Akhand Path, you are welcome to make a note of the page number on another paper and we will let Gurujot Singh know so he can make the correction on the master file. 

What happens when I get to the end of a volume?
If you should come to the end of a volume during your reading, take the next volume out as smoothly as possible and continue reading without breaking the flow. All of the volumes are on the palki (the Guru’s throne) beneath the ramalas (the Guru’s clothing) in front of the volume in which you are reading. Replace the volume you were reading from and set up the next volume the same way.

Some things to remember:

  • Always wash your hands directly before you read from the Guru. This is a respectful way to preserve the pages, as well as keep the energy clear.
  • Always have your head covered when reading.
  • Please try to read the 52 pages during the hour.
  • Before reading, check the page number on the schedule. If we are ahead or behind, please adjust your reading speed. There is a laminated copy of the schedule to the left of the Guru as you sit and read.
  • If the electricity goes out, use the flashlight under the Manji Sahib (the Guru’s bed on which the Siri Guru Granth Sahib rests).

How do I dedicate an Akhand Path?
To dedicate an Akhand Path, you may leave a note or picture in front of the Guru where the Akhand Path will take place. It is beneficial to offer an “energy exchange” for an Akhand Path dedication. This can be a donation of money, a langar, or a special treat served during or at the end of the Akhand Path.