Ashram Missals


All of the duties that are necessary to serve and maintain the environment and activities in the Gurdwara are done by volunteers and are organized through the four missals of Hacienda de Guru Ram Das. These include making Guru ka Langar, Guru’s Prashad, decorating and setting up the Gurdwara, and setting up and running the Siri Akhand Path. Additionally, the missal system functions as a way for each Ashram member to be reached in the case of an immediate communication.

Monthly Missal Duties

March 2015 (listed by Missal number)
Date Set-Up Langar Clean-up Akhand Path
3/1-3/7 4 1 2 3
3/8-3/14 1 2 3 4
3/15-3/21 2 3 4 1
3/22-3/28 3 4 1 2
3/29-4/4 4 1 2 3

Please note: Ishnaan Seva is not included in the Missal duties listed below but is an important part of the care of our Gurdwara. The new time for this seva is now 6:30 am on Sunday mornings. For more information, please contact Sat Bachan Kaur, the coordinator for this seva area.

Serving the sangat in the company of devoted sevadars is an uplifting and cleansing experience. This work is at the very heart of life at Hacienda de Guru Ram Das. To join a missal or for more information about missal seva, contact the Managing Secretary or one of the individuals shown in the following charts.

Missal Coordinators

Akand Path 
Set Up
Clean Up
Missal 1 Guruka Singh
Harimander Singh
Sat Siri Kaur
Dev Suroop Kaur
Kartar Kaur
Missal 2 Siri Gian Kaur Jagat Singh 

Satya Kaur & Satya Singh

Missal 3 Gurujohn Kaur 
MJ Amrit Singh 
  Ravi Har Kaur
GuruMeher Kaur, Sr. 
Missal 4 Vacant
Guru Darbar Singh 
Japa Kaur & Sat Purkh Kaur

Dharam Singh & Kaur

Gurdwara Sevadars

Each missal is responsible for one area of Gurdwara seva per week.

Gurdwara Seva Area Coordinator
Gurdwara Set-up Ravi Har Kaur
Gurdwara Clean Up Kartar Kaur
Guru's Langar MJ Amrit Singh
Akhand Path Hari Dharam Kaur

Corps of Volunteers

Information on the Corps of Volunteers has moved to it's own page.